Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why Consider Bib Shorts?

Some women find bibs to be more comfortable than shorts. The bib design eliminates the need for elastic around the waist and is therefore more forgiving in the mid-section. This feature is particularly attractive for women that have what is often called an "apple" shape, ie. A waist measurement that is large relative to their hip measurement. The bib strap design holds the shorts up and helps keep them in place. As with all cycling apparel, it's important to get the proper fit, size, and style for your body type and riding needs.
Many women have shied away from bibs because they perceive them as being a "pain in the butt" when it comes time to use the bathroom. Since the bib straps rest on the shoulders, it's usually necessary to remove the jersey or top for bathroom access. Many of our vendors have solved this issue by creating features that allow the shorts to disconnect at the back and drop down similar to standard shorts. These easy-access features have been designed as buckles, zippers, and 'drop-tail' flaps.
You can shop our entire selection of women's bib shorts here, or call us with all your questions! Don't take our word for it; read what our customers are saying about bibs below! Happy riding.

by Hincapie

Power up! The compression of the lycra in Hincapie’s Power Bibshort enhances your performance and reduces fatigue. The chamois is amazing, too, with one of the most comfortable constructions we’ve ever felt. With abrasion-resistant panels in the saddle wear areas, they really have thought of everything here. Get race-ready: all you need to do is pull this bibshort on and you’ll be ready for the podium.

These are amazing!

I ride 150-200 miles a week and train for time trials throughout the summer. These are always my first choice for shorts because they are so amazingly comfortable. After wearing these I will only buy bib shorts in the future for all my shorts needs.”

Cynthia the cyclist, competitive cyclist
Manchester, ME

Absolutely Great

Wore it for the first time on a 33 mile ride, and it was perfect. I also really liked the snap back that allowed me to drop the bottoms, so I could use the porta potties without worrying about straps dragging on the ground. I am a small, but with a long torso, so the length of the straps was a concern. A Team Estrogen customer service person helped me to find the best bib for my size, and she did a great job. Amazing service! They made that ride great, and I continue to enjoy wearing them. My riding buddy calls them my "Georges".”

Service and delivery comments:

The delivery was fast, they arrived in perfect condition. I used a lot of customer service! I am sort of small, but with a long torso. The first pair of bibs I tried had straps that were too sort, so I started asking questions. Anna got my measurements, and went and tried on several pairs for me. She told me the Hincapies were a better length, and that the smalls should fit (rather than the mediums I was tending toward) and she was right. As a result of her help, I had my bibs in time for the Venus de Miles, and the ride was pure pleasure.”

b, avid cyclist
Boulder, CO

Xenon Zippety Doo Bib Shorts


Cover all your bases with this sleek yet tough bib short. Welded seams along with compression panels provide unparalleled comfort and high performance. Abrasion resistant material ensures protection against chafing and a specially designed bottom allows for quick and easy bathroom breaks. If you are serious about your gear, this piece is for you.

Bibs Rock!

Ladies, give these a try. Men have been wearing bibs for ages and for a good reason, they are more comfortable.”

wheelaway, casual/recreational cyclist
Portland, OR

The Perfect Bib

The straps and the chamois are totally comfortable, the legs don't ride up, there's no pinching at the waist and the zippers are a dream - you don't feel them at all and they make it totally no hassle to "drop your drawers."

Long Distance Rider, avid cyclist
Silver City, NM

by Louis Garneau

The snug fit of a nice road cycling bib is hard to match. A well-made garment will fit over your body like a true second skin. Louis Garneau’s Mondo Evo Bib does exactly that, making you feel as efficient (fast!) as you can possibly be. With materials that help your body circulate blood, laser-cut cuffs that all but eliminate a transition from bib to skin, and a fit that’s second to none, this is a piece of gear that can actually make you faster. Amazing!

Outstanding bibs

These bibs are just amazing. I really don't have enough words to describe them. They're invisible on the bike, even the chamois which I was worried would be a bit stiff and bulky, completely blends into my body and movement. The legs stay in place without any unnecessary squeezing from the compression bands. The fabric is effortless, great wicking, feels like it's part of my skin. These bibs are everything I ever expected high-end cycling apparel to be.”

CycleJane, avid cyclist
Austin, TX
No Squeezing!

This is my first pair of bibs, so I can't compare them to other bibs...But I can say that I won't go back to shorts if I can help it! These are so comfortable and I never realized how constrictive shorts are around the waist until I put these on. The shoulder straps lay neatly along my sides. I love that there are no leg grippers/chafing. Initially I worried that the chamois was too thick, but it's actually quite comfy and somehow less obtrusive (and less visible!) than the thinner ones in my other shorts. Wicking is great all around.

The *only* reason that I give these 4 stars instead of 5 is that I feel they may run a bit small in the thigh. I am 5'2", 130 lbs, proportionally heavier in the hip and thigh. Usually I buy a large short to be safe and to avoid sausage effect, and that's what I did here. I find these bibs to be a bit tighter than I expected and the seaming was slightly awkward there. But I'll stress that it's purely a cosmetic issue, and not even a big one...I was still perfectly comfortable even though I wish my thighs looked a little smoother.

So if you're between sizes, especially below the belt, I'd advise you to round up. That said, I would absolutely recommend these awesome, comfy bibs!”

ohlefty, avid cyclist
Baltimore, MD

RSE Bib Short

By Sugoi

Sugoi pulled out all the stops with their RSE Bib Short. Aggressive styling, ultra-comfortable Cross-back bib straps, and their most advanced chamois. No comfort feature is overlooked with these; they’ve even eliminated an inseam for reduced bulk! There’s nothing to hinder you here, no reasons to worry about anything other than your ride. Comfortable and fast: what a combo.

Most comfortable bike short ever

The thing I love about these shorts is that there is no waistband to dig into your stomach and hips. I love these shorts and will buy another pair within the next month or so. Worth every penny!

Patbfit, avid cyclist
Clarkston, MI

Almost Perfect Bib

Wide band at leg bottom makes this bib feel more compressive than my other bibs and the legs don't ride up. Because the straps don't have a clip, it's pretty easy to wiggle each arm out of the strap without taking off your jersey when you need to use the loo. When riding, however, the straps do feel tight on my shoulders - with my other bibs, am totally unaware of the straps. I do have a relatively long torso - if you don't, the straps might not be an issue ”

LBS, avid cyclist
Silver City, NM

FR Carbon Bib Shorts

By Giordana

Serious bibs for serious bike babes. The Giordana FR Carbon Bib Short is updated for 2011 with a slightly higher front rise. Constructed from a combination of HC44 compression fabric, Ametista with carbon fibers and perforated Antiguafabric, these Giordana bib shorts are among the most advanced bibs on the market.

Great Bibs!

A woman on a group ride recommended them. She said she loved them but that they ran small. Other reviews stated the same. I ordered one size larger and they fit perfect. These are my first pair of bibs and the most comfortable bike shorts I've ever worn. The pad isn't too bulky and the bottom of the legs don't give me sausage legs or cut into my thighs. I love them.”

Bikechick, avid cyclist

nothing compares to these bibs!

beware of these bibs! once you wear them, nothing will ever feel as nice. the body clone seamless technology is amazing and makes for a perfect (and flattering fit). the other shorts are in the drawer.”

lone rider, avid cyclist
Toronto, ON


I have searched long and hard for a bike short that stays comfortable for the duration of the long rides - at last I have found it. Just enough padding without too many separate sections that sometimes tend to bind. More isn't always better.

If your looking for a comfortable short with a flattering fit, this is the short for you.”

Lozell, avid cyclist
Denver, CO

Drop Tail Cycling Bib Short

By Pearl Izumi

The Drop Tail Cycling Bib Short with In-R-Cool® technology is specially designed with the lady rider in mind. It offers the convenience of a drop tail so you can ride in your favorite bibs and make use of the facilities hassle free. No more peeling off those layers. Phew!

Comfortable and convenient

For a long time, I was reluctant to try bib shorts given the high price. I finally decided to use a gift certificate to spring for a pair, and am glad I did.

I've had my Pearl Izumi drop-tail bib shorts for about a year, and use them on club rides and for racing. They are a marked improvement on regular shorts, particularly for longer rides, as there is no waistband to dig into you. The leg grippers are a little uncomfortable and rubbery-feeling off the bike, but not at all noticeable when riding. The drop-tail system works as advertised, so on group rides I can zip in and out of the restroom and not hold people up. (The drop-tail feature also keeps me a lot warmer than other bibs, with which I have to remove several layers to get the shorts off.)
Squid, avid cyclist
Portland, OR

My new favorite shorts!

These were my first pair of bibs and I was really hesitant to drop down the cash with all the mixed reviews I had seen about female bibs. All the negative reviewers are wrong, bibs are the way to go! I didn't even realize how much my regular shorts cut into my waist until I rode 50-ish miles wearing the bibs. Feels great to not worry about showing off the slit between my jersey and shorts!

Bibs and Bikes, avid cyclist
Denver, CO

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Surf City Marathon Race Report

Katie is's buyer and resident triathlete extraordinaire. Katie works hard to bring you the extensive and thoughtful selection of apparel you've come to expect from TE. She is also a two time finisher of Ironman Canada, and continues to see success in the sport she loves. Katie is our go-to gal for advice on wetsuits, swimwear, goggles, and all things triathlon. She recently raced the Surf City Marathon in Huntington Beach, CA. You can read her race report below!

by Katie, TE Buyer

My initial goal was to get through the training and run the event injury free. Being injury prone for the last couple years made this goal feel lofty.

Once I accomplished my training goal I decided to up the ante and set my sights higher. How would I know what I was capable of if I didn't push my limits? I decided to “race” the marathon and give it everything I had. At my first marathon (3 ½ years prior), I successfully ran and even qualified for the Boston Marathon, so I knew my goal wasn't far fetched.

When running a marathon (either Ironman or stand alone) I never think of the full distance because that would just be overwhelming and rather terrifying. Instead, I think of each mile I am going to run down.
Passing one mile marker after another, I remind myself of the training and hard work that have gotten me here.

I've never needed help finding motivation. My momma made sure I was stocked at birth. I am a person who has been humbled by injuries (let's also not ignore the fact I keep aging up). What I needed was help finding confidence that had faded over time. I found this confidence from my friends and family. They kept me company on long runs that scared me, listened to my worries and complaints, and provided positive, loving support. They joined me in post training feasts, although I don't think I had to twist anyone's arm. I'm now rambling on. What I'm getting at is they believed in me and gave me the tools I needed to believe in myself. Although I was running this marathon solo, I felt my friends were running with me. As corny as it sounds – My friends and family are the wind beneath my wings.

Back to the race!

Race day came and I felt confident. I walked up to the starting corral and waited with friends until the final count down. Bang! The gun went off and my engine went from idle to cruise control. I knew not to push the throttle. I stayed focused on breathing calm, keeping my upper body relaxed, and trying my best to run efficiently.

Everything felt good until mile 10 or 11. At this point, the course took a U-Turn and I ran directly in to the rising sun. Oy! My eyes! I wore sunglasses but ignored advice to wear a hat or visor. Sweat poured down my face and stung my eyes, blinding me as I ran towards the orange flaming ball. I ran without sight for a good five minutes while rubbing my eyes and prayed that I wouldn't run into someone. Thankfully, it passed and I regained my vision without needing to stop.

The run went on comfortably until right after mile marker 20. In a matter of seconds, my stomach wrenched and I spewed out my insides. Holy Moly! That was a disgusting first! My Gamin vibrated to alert me that I had stopped moving. Really?! So, on I continued . Now, my goal was to pick up my pace and reach the next aid station. I seriously needed to wash my mouth out or I was going to get sick again from the taste. As I approached the aid station, I grabbed whatever sports drink they offered and used it as mouth wash.

The last 10k felt like an eternity. I had thrown up all my GU and electrolytes and was now running on empty. I tried to channel caloric reserves from my rendezvous at Coldstone the night before. Once I lost nutrition, it was hard to keep a positive outlook. My legs wanted to run, but my body and mind did not. The darkness set in and I started to walk. I could only stand walking for a few seconds, I couldn't stand moving sooooo slow. I started to run again. This would only last a matter of minutes. I was too tired. I grabbed a banana from an aid station. I knew solid food would upset my stomach, but it didn't matter. If I didn't eat something I would have ended up walking all of it. The banana wasn't exactly rocket fuel, but it did allow me to pull my head out of my a** and run in the last bit.

I crossed the finish line at 3:43 – 7 minutes longer then my revised goal and a PW (personal worst). Although I didn't technically achieve my new goal; I still felt like a success. I did race the marathon, I continued to run after I puked, and I did not DNF (even though I secretly wanted to in the end). I stayed healthy training, during the race, and after into marathon recovery. I accomplished so much this day. I am a very grateful and proud woman for this experience.