Tuesday, April 21, 2009

UMCA Hall of Fame

TE's very own Sandy Earl has been nominated for inclusion in the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame "honors cyclists whose careers best exemplify the spirit of the sport". If elected, Sandy would be only the third woman to achieve the distinction, joining 6-time RAAM finisher Seana Hogan as well as Susan Notorangelo, who has both won RAAM and set a transcontinental tandem record with husband Lon Haldeman.

Sandy is no stranger to ultra cycling. As a veteran of numerous 24 hour events, Furnace Creek 508, Race Across Oregon, etc., Sandy loves to take on a challenge. For 2009, she is looking forward to her third finish in the women's solo division of the 530 mile Race Across Oregon, with the aim of qualifying for RAAM 2010.

Sandy is also an experienced crew chief for ultra-cycling events. Even solo attempts are "team" events in that a rider relies on a strong crew for race support. Sandy's riders always finish, a testament not only to their fitness, but also to her superior organizational skills, positive attitude and team-building skills. And some really strong coffee for the crew.

Sandy said "I was initially ambivalent about accepting the nomination - looking at past inductees, I'm nowhere in that league! I'm also hoping that I'm nowhere near finished with my ultracycling career so writing a retrospective on it felt a little weird. As a nominee, I'll have a bit of a writeup in an upcoming UMCA magazine. Several individuals have been nominated, and the choice is put to the membership. Inducted or not, it's a hell of an honor. "

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To read more about participating in an event as part of a rider's crew, you can read my tale of serving as crew chief for a 2005 RAO team here.

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